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Sammaty Help

Help video

Click here. It's a 2018 video introducing the 0.2.x series. Some parts of the video might be still valid, but please read the remaining text in this page for more up-to-date information.

Where to download?

Please visit

Where is the simple Web version?

It is no longer available. Read more here: Sammaty Web Offline Gets Suspended

Which Desktop version to download?

Always prefer the latest stable version from the latest series. Since I've not released any stable version in the 1.2.x series, please choose the latest version in the 1.2.x series until you find a new stable release.

Which file to download?

You can download 'Any architecture' deb file for installation on Debian/Ubuntu. After installation, you should be able to find Sammaty in Applications > Accessories (or some other section). If not, try the command sammaty in Terminal. If that doesn't work too, that means the installation has failed. Now you can download the Source Code and try running it without installation.

How do I run from the source code?

UPDATE: Version 1.2.7 has introduced an easy-to-use launcher with the title Sammaty (without installation). Double-clicking on it should launch Sammaty on most GNU/Linux desktop distros. If this doesn't work or if you are using an old version, please follow this:

(Note: Written targetting regular Debian, Ubuntu Desktop, and IT@School GNU/Linux users.)

Source code is available from the Downloads page, and it comes as a .tar.gz (archive) file. When your browser prompts, Save it (not Open). Then open the Downloads folder in your Home, find the tar.gz file, right click on it, and choose Extract Here. You'll get a new folder. Open that folder, right click on an empty area, and choose Open in Terminal. When the Terminal pops open, you can type the command make run and press Enter to run Sammaty.

Do I need to do the extraction each time?


I don't find the option Open in Terminal

It is a Nautilus extension. If you can't find it, please open the Terminal as usual (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and give the following command to enter the extracted folder:

cd ~/Downloads/sammaty-1.2.7

(Version number may vary.)

The computer turned off suddenly while the polling was in progress. What do I do now?

You can recover the votes from the file sammaty-election/votes.txt under your Home directory.

We have too many candidates so that the voter has to scroll to see the nameplates in the bottom part. Is there a solution for this?

I'll be trying to re-scale the nameplates in future versions. Currently, you can increase the screen resolution or rotate the screen 90 degrees (both physically and in the OS Display Settings).

We have to conduct multiple elections using the same computer, one after another. Can we do the setup for all elections before any of them is commenced?

UPDATE: Version 1.2.7 has in-built support for multiple elections. If you are using an old version, follow this:

You'll have to do this by taking backups and restoring the sammaty-election directory under your Home. For example, to conduct two elections,

  1. Launch Sammaty and perform the setup for the second election; then close Sammaty.
  2. Rename sammaty-election under your Home as sammaty-election-2.
  3. Launch Sammaty and perform the setup for the first election.
  4. Conduct the first election.
  5. Rename sammaty-election under your Home as sammaty-election-1.
  6. Rename sammaty-election-2 under your Home as sammaty-election.
  7. Now conduct the second election.
  8. If you haven't taken the counts yet, you can take it now. 8.1. Just take the results of the second election.
    8.2. Close Sammaty.
    8.3. Rename sammaty-election under your Home as sammaty-election-2 or delete it.
    8.4. Rename sammaty-election-1 under your Home as sammaty-election.
    8.5. Launch Sammaty and take the results of the second election.

How can I contact you for technical support?

You can find the contact details here:

I prefer email. Although you are free to call, please don't do that until you've tried Sammaty and has a specific issue to talk about. This is because of the large number of queries regarding Sammaty that I get a day. Otherwise, I'm happy to hear what you have to say. Feel free to send your feedback. Thanks for your support!